• The Deal

    Become an Entrepreneur Without Risk


    Receive a salary of CHF 60.000 / EUR 40.000, office space and office facilities for free while working on your own start-up


    Automatically start your journey as an employee at a larger corporation the time you decide to quit your business


    Get access to a vast peer to peer community, mentors and investors as part of the program

  • How it works

    Application. Selection. Placement.

    The Problem

    High potential graduates in Europe often choose a corporate job instead of following an idea that they are passionate about due to risks associated with being an entrepreneur

    The Process

    The applicants submit their idea and background information. Every application is carefully considered and evaluated by our experienced review board. The candidates with the best fit are invited for a video interview which results in the final candidate pool. These top candidates are then presented to the corporate partner and together with EWOR the definitive choice is made.

  • The Pilot Partner

    SGS has been around for more than 100 years and is still a brick and mortar company serving primarily the same brick and mortar players around the globe. As the industry leader, with its 100.000 employees and over 5 BN CHF in annual turnover, SGS is now increasingly engaged in revisiting the way it is doing business in the light of new digital or disruptive innovations, by using new tools or technologies to do more or better, to reach out to a broader client base including consumers and SMEs as well as designing new services in the field of Cyber security, ecommerce, B2B or ways to use better AI and the data SGS network generates every day.

  • The Strategic Partner & Network Partners

    The Kairos Society Europe is known for its extensive network reaching to Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Rockefeller Family. Kairos pushes entrepreneurship forward by means of its own 25 Million investment fund, the strongest entrepreneurial peer to peer community world wide and other impactful initiatives.



    Do you have what it takes?

    The current application cycle is over. Stay tuned until we announce the next dates.





  • Interested in volunteering all around the globe?

    Feel free to click at our partner's logo to scan volunteering opportunities transparently world-wide.

  • The Executive Team

    Daniel Dippold

    Founder & CEO

    Chris Geis-Schroer


    Chris Gopsill


    Michael Wittwer


  • Expert Review Committee

    EWOR chooses only the best to review their applications.

    Mattias Bergstrom

    Mattias is a serial entrepreneur, who founded Ripple and two other ventures which IPO'd at over 1 BN USD of valuation.

    Pascal Christiaens

    Pascal founded Volunteer World, the world's largest volunteering platform. He's a Forbes U 30 entrepreneur.


    da Costa

    James is a passionate entrepreneur and currently director of Hultprize Foundation.



    Daniel is the Founder of EWOR, Unlimitix, Emoti and the Kairos EU Summit. He's especially interested in increasing Europe's entrepreneurial edge.

    Pascal Weinberger

    Pascal founded enterprises since he is 13. He's been a former Machine Learning and AI engineer at Google and was head of AI and Rapid Prototyping at Alpha Telefonica.

    Stefano Gurciullo

    Stefano is an AI entrepreneur and currently works as a Partner at Redstone VC, in Berlin.

  • Strategic Advisors

    Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden

    Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden is the president and CEO of The Paradigm Forum GmbH (TPF).


    Her board appointments and advisory roles are numerous. In 2017, she was named a Wilson Center Global Fellow and joined the boards of India-based foundations Beyond Diversity and World of Opportunities for Women. She is a strategic advisor to EDGE Strategy, scholar-in-residence at Emma Willard School, and executive-in-residence at Bryn Mawr College.


    Ms. Haller-Jorden was invited to join two initiatives founded by Hillary Clinton: the Vital Voices Global Partnership, as a global ambassador, and the Women in Public Service Project, as a faculty member during the Peacebuilding and Development Summer Institute.


    Matias Bergstrom

    Mattias has founded two ventures, which achieved a valuation of over 1 BN USD. He has also been CTO and founding member of Ripple. Mattias owns over 60 patents, many of which he has sold to renowned companies such as Siemens and Nokia.


    Mattias is an international speaker who speaks about tech, specifically decentralization and mesh-networks.


    Mattias has recently founded Quantum1Net. The firm helps organizations accelerate application deployment and delivery, with Quantum safe distributed technology. By freeing our network from the underlying cables and wires, and being able to route data freely in our overlaying network, we are not limited by the century-old protocols that rule the underlying internet routing.